Cross post – Symposium on People of Paradox

Times and Seasons is having a symposium on Terryl Givens People of Paradox.  I think it is a great idea, I think the premise of Givens’ book is a very good starting point for understanding the Mormon (LDS) culture.  As someone whose parents converted when I was a little sprog I did not have the grounding in the culture of my wife who is a multi-generation.

However, just because you are a convert, or in my case a demi-convert I have noticed that the culture is just so prevalent that you cannot escape it in a real sense.  We all call Joseph Smith Jr. by his first name, we take up the ideas of the norms quickly.  This sense of joint history and culture has produced an interesting effect on LDS society.

See just because you do not live in Utah does not take the Utah out of the religion as it were.  At least in the sense that we carry on a distinctively Mormon cultural identification which is built upon many of the paradoxes that Givens talks about.  The idea that someone in Cardiff Wales, Lethbridge Alberta or Centerville Utah can speak in a language which all three people can understand yet the outsiders are gentiles to the culture at least.

Anyways, I would encourage you to check it out.


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