Looking like a trickle

This week I have been studying about the mass immigration to the United States of Germans in the 1830s-1840s.  Specifically I have been looking at Jewish migrants. 

So while looking at this I came across a very interesting set of figures.

1.5 million Irish moved to America in those years.
1.5 million Germans moved in that same time period.

The numbers of Jews during that period went from 3,000 at the end of the Revolutionary War to 50,000 in 1842 and to around 150,000 by 1857. 

Now compare that to the Mormon population of Utah in that period.

1850 11,380
1860 40,273

For me that was a startling figure.  While given there was only six people members in 1830 and maybe 10,000 in in 1840 I guess I have a view of the saints population in Utah as out of proportion to the overall population in the period.

When one compares this to the massive migrations happening with Catholics and German Jews and Protestants it is remarkable how the LDS faith was such an overwhelming target during that same period.

Keep in mind that while German and Irish Catholics were treated very harshly and had a great deal of problems with older settlers it would make sense that this would be the case when you have such high immigration patterns.

The Mormons on the other hand were the focus of two Presidents, a main plank on a new party platform (the Grand Old Party of course considered Slavery and Polygamy as the twin relics of barbarism). The government even went so far as to declare war on the Church.

No wonder Church members in the era thought that “all hell was combining against them.”  


3 Responses to Looking like a trickle

  1. abby76 says:

    I just linked to your blog for the first time. My sister gave me a book with our family name that basically tells a lot about immigration and will give a fact here or there about those who had our family name generally in Ireland and were immigrants though there may have been no relation. To think of the risks taken for a better life is very humbling. On the otherside of the family, my great-great grandpa died on his voyage to America from what I have been told. My great-grandpa survived him and settled in Bruning, Nebraska area. That is very much a German area. In the towns of Hebron and Deshler, NE there are two Lutheran Churches in each of those small towns from what I have been told. While I am here, I wanted to invite you to check out an indepence learning forum at sapiencekb.com/forum. It is relatively new though the web site associated with it has been around for some time and has information about a variety of subjects including history and sociology and how they connect. I think everyone there is LDS so far, but it really is open to everyone who enjoys independent study. I go by abby76 there as I have a great deal of respect for Abigail Adams.

  2. abby76 says:

    I meant to say that my great-great grandpa who died coming to American was German.

  3. Jon W says:

    Cool thanks I will have a look around.

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