Are we too tied up with Evangelicals?

Mormonisms biggest critics (outside of and including ex-mormons), publishers of the greatest anti-mormon material seem to be Evangelical Christians.  These Christians are the ones who generally seem to be a big competitor for conversions so it is no surprise that they have a vested interest in portraying us as negative.

Since possibly the 1950s we have found ourselves increasingly siding with Evangelicals on issues of the day.  So there has been a move, especially if you are a politician, to try and continue that relationship as much as possible.  But I question that we have enough in common or even really need to work with the larger Evangelical community.  Especially when it comes to be being seen as acceptable in their eyes.

My Reasons:

1. We do not believe the Bible literally.  We think there are flaws in the document and that Genesis is not as literal (7 day creation).

2. We are not believers in one time salvation.  We believe salvation is a process which includes enduring to the end.

3. They are obsessed with topics which I think most LDS people are not as excited about.  (for example LDS theology believes there are circumstances where a woman could have an abortion.  We are not as caught up in the teaching of creationism in schools or school prayer)

4. Mormons are an organized centralized religion.  We believe in central authority and a priesthood leadership.  That is very different from the Evangelicals who believe in a priesthood of believers and do not have a centralized church government.

There are a lot of other broad generalities I could make on this but I am probably already too far out on a limb for some.

When I think of this issue of us following the Evangelicals on Intelligent Design, on dogmatic biblical and in some cases hostile to the point of hate speech I often wonder if we should do better to avoid their stance.  We need to find our own way.   

In saying all this I am still a conservative.  I still disagree with same sex marriage and I still believe in the Bible as a (mostly) literal book as far as it was translated correctly.  I just think that we allow ourselves to fall in to easily with the Evangelicals who are very dogmatic about the Bible and can be hostile toward secular science and teaching in a way that I think we should not be.


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