Mormons remind me of Canadians

So let me put a list together of why Mormons remind me of Canadians:

 1. Everyone thinks they know all about you when actually they don’t “My sister is in Toronto, do you know her?”

2. Canadians have a lingo all their own “Touque, Zed, Chesterfield and washroom”

3. Everyone likes you when you go abroad but often they wonder if you are American

4. Following up on #4 when abroad you are mistaken for something you are not

5. Often farther away from home you go the less anyone knows you exist “Canada? What state is that?”

6. Your biggest stories always revolve around Natives (American Indians)

7. You always feel a chip on your shoulder about your neighbours

8. You are historically always punching above your weight

9. You are viewed as good neighbours even when you are not

10. All people want to know is if you wear long underwear.

Ok there we go best I could do on short notice.


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