Are Mormons Jewish?

Often the claim or question is asked – “are Mormons Christians?”
For some NO definately not for others YES of course…

So hows about a new twist.  Are Mormons Jewish?  
So  why do I make this comparison.  I think Joseph Smith was fascinated by Judaism.  He was certianly seeking to understand Hebrew, and other languages of course. 

When one looks at Mormonism it in ways emulates a sense of Judaism’s otherness.  The LDS church like Judaism sees itself as a chosen people.  They are also waiting to bring a Messiah like era of peace, like reformers, while still awaiting for the arrival of a literal Messiah like the Orthodox Jews. 

Jews have special clothing and sacred sense of a connection with God because of the covenant of Abraham.  We also have things which we considered food which is good, neutral and bad to eat.  We also consider those who are not either a part of our faith or Jewish as Goyim (Gentiles). 

We both spend a lot of time concerned about temples.  So are we more Jewish than “Christian”.  While we believe in the salvation of Christ and his role as the annointed one who redeems his people I believe I feel more affinity to an oppressed and falsely accused Jews than I do with the empirical christianity.

When you think of how misrepresented we are in film, media and through the antis who think we want to take over the world think back to the Jews.  Who were claimed to be plotting to do the same.  They who were said to have secret rites which they killed people in or that they were historically to blame of the death of the Messiah. 

The holocaust is on a different plain from our experience but I can see how these two peculiar people have a lot in common.

Personally I would rather be thought of as Jewish than Christian under that comparison.


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