As God is my witness I thought Turkeys could fly!

One of my all time favourite lines from WKRP in Cincinnati.  I have been interested in getting the new DVD which was released this year.  Edited though it is I just could not see any reason not to own it this year. 

So I asked my beloved wife if she would get that or the Great Escape and well WKRP we found at Walmart so there you go.

So what does any of this to do with a Mormon blog.  Well Gordon Jump the big guy from the show was LDS.  I learned this early on but it really clued in when we watched an old 16mm reel in Priesthood in about 1990 where Old Gordon was a home teacher I think trying to reach his families.

It was weird to see him talking about this after hearing the call for a Purple Cow in WKRP but still the old maytag repairman II was brilliant. So anyways it was interesting to tie all this rambling together again.

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