On a happier note

January 30, 2008

Well today after six months of talking to schools, taking the GRE, gathering my recommendations, and transcripts I finally finished and mailed off my application to graduate school.

After all this time it seems almost like completing a final.   My biggest two projects (other than the GRE) was my writing sample and statement of purpose.  My prof/advisor for American History and I went back and forth on both a few times.  In the end I think I sent in two solid documents but I guess we will see.


Highlights of a great man

January 28, 2008

Some quotes from the Presidency of Gordon B. Hinckley 1997-2004 (part one) 

We are living in a wonderful season of the work of the Lord. The work is growing ever stronger. It is expanding across the world. Each of us has an important part to play in this great undertaking. People in more than 160 nations, speaking a score of languages and more, worship our Father in Heaven and our Redeemer, His Beloved Son. This is their great work. It is their cause and their kingdom.
April 1997 Read the rest of this entry »

President Gordon B. Hinckley

January 27, 2008

It was surprising to go to BCC this evening and see the memorandum notice.  I knew at 97 he was on borrowed time but it is still a shock.  I really loved President Hinckley, his personality and wit were my favourite parts. 

Three memories from President Hinckley: Read the rest of this entry »

History professors let their hair down

January 26, 2008

So tonight our history club held a pot luck dinner.  Rather than going on the nitty gritty I found myself in real interesting position.  I was generally of the age group of the professors, most of whom are probably within a couple of years of my age yet I still felt more familiar with the students who were in elementary school the first time I was at University.

Most of my conversations with my former Roman history professor were revolving around our impressions of Europe.  Meanwhile with other students I found it easier to just talk about regular life. Read the rest of this entry »

Obama a second choice?

January 18, 2008

Over at Adventures in Mormonism bfwebster raises the specter of the rise of a Mormon vote for Obama.  Webster cites that McCain and Huckabee might be nuclear active as far as Mormons are concerned if Mitt fails to get the nomination. 

My professor this afternoon said of Mitt that he was trying to show the Republicans that he can be just as white and male as the rest.  Which might be true if you believe that is a bad thing. Read the rest of this entry »

Irony alert: Kill your fellow Christians

January 18, 2008

In looking at the Millenial Star in 1866 the editor O.P. Who I think is Orson Pratt, rails against the evils of war by ironically spreading the idea of warring Christian nations are sending more Christians to heaven like so:

Christians of Russia! can you not lend a helping hand? Join in with your Austrian brethren; don’t spend your precious time in killing half-civilized Mahomedans, barbarous nations, and heathens; for they have no hope of heaven but engage quickly in the high honorable noble calling of killing civilized christians. dont be backward!

You can find the rest of this very interesting article here.  If it is Orson Pratt one must admit he sounds like a modern sarcastic blogger in the first half of his quote.  The second half of his article he then goes on to rail against the “so-called Christian” nations of the world.  His condemnation of war as quoted almost a year after the US Civil War is a fascinating look at how the General Authorities were not very PC in their commentary. 

 It almost seems refreshing in some respects.  Because it is so different from the way our Ensigns and other Church publications speak to the Nations of the world today.

Be fruitful… an interesting situation

January 14, 2008

I spent four years in Wales.  During that time we went from the “normal” sized family of 2 children to four children.  It was interesting to note what change meant for our family.  We were now looked at as being “too big” according to some. 

 There was a great deal of prejudice by people who thought somehow we just did not get it.  It was almost like we were overpopulating the earth by ourselves. 

Of course what may not have been obvious from this post so far is that our 3rd and 4th were twins.   But in the UK families of more than two are nearly extinct. Considering that in 1991 there was only 4.7% of families with 3 or more children under the age of 16 it certainly shows a surprising low amount. Read the rest of this entry »