Ahhh a nice sunday morning

So this morning, I woke up.  Slowly, with sleep blurring my eyes I was gently nudged from bed by my wife instead of rudely kicked out because it was 7am and some one has to get the kids eating…

9am church is good for having the rest of the day and being able to watch football or doing family history stuff or watching a movie…. but it is an unhappy provoker of urgent rushing around in my house.

With six kids under the age of 12 you do not do things by halves.  You have to get up get people going and keep on them until you are out the door.  You yourself get about 10 minutes of relative peace and quiet while you and they eat breakfast.  It is too much like a school/work day to be considered a day of rest.

Worse yet it was breeding the habit of getting to church getting settled and going to sleep in the pew.  I was finding that I was resenting the fact that I only get one day to sleep in a week.

So this morning was such a change of pace, rushing around was kept to the usual 30 minutes before church arriving just in time to hog our usual pew and then for my wife to leave shortly there after with the baby.  I swear she pinches that child just so she “has” to leave me with the kids for the rest of the service.  

 The other new development this week was that our little 3 year old started in Sunbeams.  While he is our fifth to enter primary he was the longest in Nursery because he has his birthday in February so he was a bit scared and feeling out of place.

In the end he at least did not cry so I am good. 

Funny how going back to church at a different time can make everything seem so new and different.  Yet it is not.  Honestly I find the whole thing refreshing because it feels new and different even when I am basically doing the same as usual. 


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