Irony alert: Kill your fellow Christians

In looking at the Millenial Star in 1866 the editor O.P. Who I think is Orson Pratt, rails against the evils of war by ironically spreading the idea of warring Christian nations are sending more Christians to heaven like so:

Christians of Russia! can you not lend a helping hand? Join in with your Austrian brethren; don’t spend your precious time in killing half-civilized Mahomedans, barbarous nations, and heathens; for they have no hope of heaven but engage quickly in the high honorable noble calling of killing civilized christians. dont be backward!

You can find the rest of this very interesting article here.  If it is Orson Pratt one must admit he sounds like a modern sarcastic blogger in the first half of his quote.  The second half of his article he then goes on to rail against the “so-called Christian” nations of the world.  His condemnation of war as quoted almost a year after the US Civil War is a fascinating look at how the General Authorities were not very PC in their commentary. 

 It almost seems refreshing in some respects.  Because it is so different from the way our Ensigns and other Church publications speak to the Nations of the world today.


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