Obama a second choice?

Over at Adventures in Mormonism bfwebster raises the specter of the rise of a Mormon vote for Obama.  Webster cites that McCain and Huckabee might be nuclear active as far as Mormons are concerned if Mitt fails to get the nomination. 

My professor this afternoon said of Mitt that he was trying to show the Republicans that he can be just as white and male as the rest.  Which might be true if you believe that is a bad thing.

Personally I think Obama’s shift to blue democrats, rinos and moderate republicans is a good idea.  By using President Reagan’s name as a positive agent for change will hit those categories hard.

The question is will it continue to help Barack if he moderates himself.  He needed to do something to win over the more vote rich middle and if he can get past Hillary being respectful of Kennedy (a common democratic tact) and Reagan will probably molify those who might seem him as too liberal.

In the mean time I do think he would need to tone down the Democrats left on gay marriage and other liberal themes before he would make enough of an impression to win over moderate Mormons.  As Webster points out the reason why the Democrats since the 1980s have had trouble in Utah and the Mormon Mountain west is probably as much to do with the hippy hangover as anything.

If a democrat can take on, legitamately the concerns of socially conservative moderates he might be able to turn a few of the red states blue.  But he will have to do it without them to get the nomination in the first place and Romney cannot win the Republican one.

It is an interesting thought however.


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