President Gordon B. Hinckley

It was surprising to go to BCC this evening and see the memorandum notice.  I knew at 97 he was on borrowed time but it is still a shock.  I really loved President Hinckley, his personality and wit were my favourite parts. 

Three memories from President Hinckley:

1. Sitting in the Tabernacle during the Sunday afternoon session of general conference October 1993, the only one I have attended live.  It was hot and I was pretty sleepy.  Then President Hinckley said the following (paraphrasing as I do not have the comments in front of me) I am glad you are hear I know it is hot but just think how hot it will be if you were not here!

2. The second incident was much later, 1999, President Hinckley came to Edmonton as Prophet and all but promised that a temple would be built in Edmonton.  It was such a surprise people were so happy, there was tears that day amongst a lot of us.

3. Was less personal but still made an impression was watching him on Larry King just handling questions in a manner that just seemed so folksy it was such a change after Presidents’ Kimball, Benson and Hunter, who in later life were enfeebled and unable to meet and greet like President Hinckley.

 For me this is almost a personal loss because he was only one of three Prophets I have seen in person.  And after nearly 13 years he was always there to make me laugh at points in conference making me realize that not every GA had to be stiff and formal.

However he and his lovely wife are now reunited so it is a blessing for him.


One Response to President Gordon B. Hinckley

  1. Jon W says:

    Additionally, early this morning it was about 5 degrees Celsius or about 41 Fahrenheit. Then just before church let out it dropped to about -20 and it seems to be a rough night. It is like Nature knew what was coming and the world cried a bit at the loss of such a great man.

    But as David G said… long live the Prophet. So it is right that while we spend time to remember this great man it is wonderful to know that the next in line is right there. No confusion, no politicing just simple next in line.

    President Thomas S. Monson our prayers are with you.

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