Fighting for the Principle: A bibliography – Book list

February 28, 2008

This is my list of sources found so far, not including some primary source material I have found or some of the online journal articles which I will include later.

 If you think there is something else I should look at let me know. Read the rest of this entry »


deadline day

February 28, 2008

Well as of Saturday the deadline for applications to the University of Montana Graduate school will have come.

Apparently they will tell me sometime late next month whether I am in or not.  It should be interesting to see where things go from here.  Having put my back out on Monday (thanks ice) I have been struggling to sit for long periods so as you can imagine blogging is not uppermost on my mind.

I will have a review on Katherine Flake’s Reed Smoot book later today so stay tuned.

Millenial thinking

February 22, 2008

When I was a boy I remember people telling me the arrival of the Halley’s Comet arriving in 1986 was seen as a coming of the end of the world.  Rumours of end coming travelled fast.  In the 1970s as the world faced so many different changes and complex things it seemed a perfect point for this second coming.

The next time I got so caught up in this desire by church seeking the signs of the times was in 1990 when many associated Saddam Hussein to Lucifer as described in Isaiah 14:12 -14.  It seemed to them he was the king of Babylon. 

Of course much of this came to nothing and I was out of the continent during the millenium so I did not get caught in that anticipation by some.  In effect though as a people we are eagerly awaiting that second coming and sometimes I wonder if that is why we are so easily sold a tin of “magic beans” by those equivelent to internet urban rumour mongers. Read the rest of this entry »

Being sick on my week off

February 20, 2008

In what I can only classify as typical.

I have a full week off in the equivalent of Spring Break.  They call it Reading Week here, though I suspect less reading gets done than on any other week.  Well as Sunday came I found myself feeling a little bit woozy.

Then after asking my home teacher for a ride home I pretty much slept from 2pm until 5pm.  I felt okish, so I made dinner fed everyone and we started to watch one of our favourite sunday shows.

Then everything just went down hill. Read the rest of this entry »

Growsing about grammar

February 16, 2008

So yesterday I got my birthday present.  An 1830 Book of Mormon (copy).  So I have heard that there was some differences that I thought would be interesting to compare.  As well reading the book in a not sectioned format I thought might also be a nice change.

 So out of curiousity I was checking out specific edits done after the first printing. 

As always when you talk about these things the old 4,000 changes saw came out.  Most times the Antis seem to expect you not to know that about 3000+ are simple grammar changes.

So then I came across this excuse (I will not link to it but if you google a bit you can find it easily enough): Read the rest of this entry »

Lee’s Creek Tonight!

February 15, 2008

This painting is of Thomas Rowell Leavitt and his wagon train making their way north to Canada as a part of Charles Ora Card’s pioneers escaping the marshalls looking to arrest Mormon Polygamists.  In April 1887 they leave Utah and head north.  Read the rest of this entry »

My own Missouri experience

February 15, 2008

This is not a story about Missouri, this is rather a personal story.  It is an important one in my faith experience.  If you look at the Missouri experience and to a lesser extent Nauvoo many of the Saints were driven out, most of which took very little and in some cases took only the clothes on their back.  A year later I was in the MTC.

When I was 19 I left my parents house looking to explore the world.  I took with me everything of significance.  After about a year I ended up living with a group of guys who were less than savoury.  I was not active at the time in the Church so for me I was exploring many of those things the World is proud of. 

After living with these people for about four months while they sponged more and more money off of me and I accomplished little.  I felt that I was left in a situation with people who were not going to get me where I needed to be.  I thought back of the things I had read and been taught and decided that I needed to change my life.  Read the rest of this entry »