Lee’s Creek Tonight!

This painting is of Thomas Rowell Leavitt and his wagon train making their way north to Canada as a part of Charles Ora Card’s pioneers escaping the marshalls looking to arrest Mormon Polygamists.  In April 1887 they leave Utah and head north. 

Considered the last covered wagon train of Mormon History.  Interestingly when Card, Leavitt and the rest came north they knew the Canadian government had made polygamy illegal.  They only bring up one wife to start with along with some kids.

 Thomas decided to bring his third wife because his first wife and he decide that she could best handle the 800 mile trek.    Interestingly after getting settled in Cardston and eventually the little hamlet of Leavitt Thomas brings his first wife up to Canada as well.

It is interesting to consider that the Canadian, Territory governments effectively winked at the whole thing from what I can learn.  The establishment of the Mormons in Southern Alberta becomes an advantage for both the country, who need the settlers, and the Galt Mining company who start to work with the Mormons creating the irrigation which watered the countryside.

I think Frank Thomas captured this picture of joy very well.

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