Growsing about grammar

So yesterday I got my birthday present.  An 1830 Book of Mormon (copy).  So I have heard that there was some differences that I thought would be interesting to compare.  As well reading the book in a not sectioned format I thought might also be a nice change.

 So out of curiousity I was checking out specific edits done after the first printing. 

As always when you talk about these things the old 4,000 changes saw came out.  Most times the Antis seem to expect you not to know that about 3000+ are simple grammar changes.

So then I came across this excuse (I will not link to it but if you google a bit you can find it easily enough):

As stated earlier, the Mormon church has made many changes to the Book of Mormon in order to correct Joseph’s poor grammar and spelling. This should not have been necessary, however, given the manner in which Joseph is supposed to have produced this book. According to eyewitness testimony, Joseph Smith gave his scribe a word-for-word dictation of what he read off a magical stone that he had placed in his hat. (This seer stone would later be referred to by the Old Testament name of Urim and Thummim.) The fact that Joseph simply dictated the words he read on the stone was supposed to prove that the Book of Mormon came from God and not Joseph.

So according to these people Joseph should have been able to get everything grammatically correct because he was translating the word of God.  Rolling my eyes as I was I was left thinking about Moroni’s comments about the mistakes of men. 

Of course what is missed in this is that the Printer caused some of these problems as did the scribes, thus the need for Joseph to correct much later.  I always wonder if people investigating the church find this stuff really that deal breaking?

The whole thing is just a transparent falicy it is hard to accept it at face value.


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