Being sick on my week off

In what I can only classify as typical.

I have a full week off in the equivalent of Spring Break.  They call it Reading Week here, though I suspect less reading gets done than on any other week.  Well as Sunday came I found myself feeling a little bit woozy.

Then after asking my home teacher for a ride home I pretty much slept from 2pm until 5pm.  I felt okish, so I made dinner fed everyone and we started to watch one of our favourite sunday shows.

Then everything just went down hill.

Fever on Monday – stayed in bed almost all the day.

Tuesday slightly better but coughing catching on.  Doctor says come in Wedsnesday… ah the joys of socialized medicine.  Yes it is free but finding a doctor when you need them – not so much.

So after that I then spend tuesday night with major stuffed head and having a hard time breathing.  So after going to the doctor I am back on asthma medication and with a bit more sleep this afternoon I feel somewhat better.

Needless to say all thoughts of going on a computer were gone.  Though I did appreciate Kevin Barney’s Singing Solo at Church, I have been completely out of action.


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