Voting when you do not know who to vote for

On Monday March 3rd my Province, Alberta, goes to the polls.  Our province has been very untypical with our voting patterns.

The province was founded in 1905.  Since that time only four parties have run the province and each lasted many years.

Liberals 1905-1921

United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) 1921-1935

Social Credit 1935-1971

Progressive Conservatives (PC) 1971 – present

That is it.  Each party replaced seems to implode.  Only the Liberals have made a real comeback and have been the official opposition since 1989.    Alberta has default voted most of its history. 

So now here comes an election where the leader of the PCs is about as exciting as Franklin Pierce.  Of course his competition is a former bureaucrat/academic who cannot even fake a personality so you can imagine how this election is leaving numbers of former PC supporters.

Normally my wife and her family are the kind that you say go vote for these guys because they are like us and they do it.  This time out we are all feeling like there is no party that represents us.

In someways I think it is very similar to how conservative Republicans will feel in November.  I am thinking it would be nice to send the governing party to the woodshed and let them know they are failing to get a pass for their out of control spending and lack of solutions.

To do that it might mean having to vote Liberal.  Thus my dilemma.  The only other conservative option is the Wildrose Party which are not going to form government and may be lucky to win a couple of seats.

So with all this in mind I think it will be interesting to see whether the voters will care enough or not enough to vote the “bums” out or if by taking a pass they will create the same problem by default.

Considering the last election in 2004 had a turnout of about 46% I think this one will be even worse.  Under normal circumstances that hurts the government.  So should make a boring election much more interesting on Monday.


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