I love the smell of new scriptures on a Sunday Morning

So on friday I bought my first set of new scriptures in 14 years.  They are first new set for me since I got married.  In some ways I am surprised it took this long to get around to buying a new set.  Yet you get comfortable with them, they are a friend because they get filled with your thoughts, quotes and instructions over the years.

For me reading my old quad reminded me of when I was attending Institute every day.  Things like the description of the Pharoah’s resurrection cermonies, book of the dead, and how light is a symbol and image of Christ.  I have been loath to replace my scriptures because I lose these things.

 Yet when various children have ripped pages, or borrow them, or in my wife’s case one of the kids throw them in a filling bathtub, it is time to find some new ones.

 So now here I am with my blue quad, I wonder what I will learn that will make these ones special.  How they will help me in years to come and how cool all these new maps and photos are.  I think I missed out.

So now here we go another new adventure with another book.  I did notice that the quad was printed in 2006 so it still says “are the principle ancestors” in the Book of Mormon intro.  Oh well still it will be fun taking my highlighter out once more to mess up the pure white pages.


3 Responses to I love the smell of new scriptures on a Sunday Morning

  1. […] are a friend because they get filled with your thoughts, quotes and instructions over the years. Link Do you feel this way about your scriptures? How do you get to that point? __________________ […]

  2. Martin Willey says:

    I know what you mean about your old scriptures. Mine were given to me by my father over 20 years ago as I prepared to leave on my mission. He had worked on the “new” scripture proiject (i.e., topical guide, new footnote format, etc.) in the 1980s and his pride in and feelings about them, along with the fact that he is now gone, make them very meaningful.

    More importantly, I I have now spent more than two decades reading and marking them. All my favorite passages over the years are marked in red pencil, and I love to thumb through the pages and see all the passages that I have come to love like, well, old friends.

    A couple of years ago, I noticed that the bindings on my scriptures were coming loose. Not ready to face the inevitable, I used some contacts I had at Deseret Book to have the bindings redone. So I still have and use them, with the scribblings that frustrated me so when my daughter made them years ago. Now I love those pen and highlighter markings made by no-longer chubby, little hands.

    I have often considered the benefit you describe of starting with a new set of scriputes – – a clean slate. So foar, though, I can’t bear to give my old balck triple and Bible that have been with me so many years and experiences.

  3. Kim Siever says:

    I received my scriptures as a present from my wife 11 years ago. They are starting to get a bit ratty around the edges, but I have SO MANY markings and notes that are so helpful to me when I study. I think it will be awhile before I move to a new set. When I do so, it will be with apprehension.

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