Mormon fun at the Dentist office

Interesting experience this morning before the fun of getting poked prodded and gouged by my Dentist.  The dentist in question is my former EQP.  So he shakes my hand and starts looking at my rings.

He looks closely at one of them and says “See this is how you can tell.” 

His nurse, obviously NOT LDS says, “Holy cow!”

So what were they fascinated by, my CTR ring.  Apparently the other day at the office they had a girl come by and he knew she was Mormon because she was wearing the ring. Apparently this Mormon cultural tradition seemed to surprise her.

In some ways I think our CTR rings are like the cross and rosery beads for other faiths.  They are markers of our faith.

Oh of course he said, “The other way to tell, Jon how many kids do you have?”

I answered “six”

Of course I had to point out that in our area that might also mean I am Dutch Reform so not necessarily a great marker.


5 Responses to Mormon fun at the Dentist office

  1. Kim Siever says:

    Huh. My dentist is my former EQP too, and there are lots of Dutch Reform in my area. Lots of Catholics, too.

  2. Jon W says:

    Thats cause we both live in Lethbridge. Home of Canada’s bible belt 😉

  3. Sorry, dumb question. What in the world is an EQP?

    And why is your dentist holding your hand and making personal comments about your religion (a little creepy and unprofessional to me)

  4. Jon W says:

    EQP – Elders Quorum President.

    He is a bit weird, but I did not take it as particularly odd because of the context of knowing him outside of the office.

  5. CTRGuy says:

    I had a similar experience with someone that I didn’t even know at all. They walked up to me, asked to see my hand, looked at my ring, then said, “I knew it.” and walked away.

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