Fighting for the Principle: A bibliography – Journal List

So previously I supplied my book list which I am working from for this essay.  Now I thought I would add at least some of the Journal articles I have been able to find accessable.

 Keeping in mind I have not looked very hard at Dialogue or Mormon History Association‘s articles.  So far I consider this the list from outside those two bastions of LDS scholarship.

So here we go:

The Awesome Power of Sex: The Polemical Campaign against Mormon Polygamy
Charles A. Cannon
The Pacific Historical Review, Vol. 43, No. 1. (Feb., 1974), pp. 61-82.

Effects of Polygamy on Mormon Women
Jessie L. Embry
Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, Vol. 7, No. 3, Women on the Western Frontier. (1984), pp. 56-61.

The Historiography of Mormonism
Marvin S. Hill
Church History, Vol. 28, No. 4. (Dec., 1959), pp. 418-426.

“At Their Peril”: Utah Law and the Case of Plural Wives, 1850-1900
Carol Cornwall Madsen
The Western Historical Quarterly, Vol. 21, No. 4. (Nov., 1990), pp. 425-443.

Polygamy and Mormon Identity
O. Kendall White, Jr. and Daryl White
The Journal of American Culture, Vol. 28, No. 2 (June 2005), pp. 165-177

Living the Principle: Mormon Polygamous Housing in Nineteenth-Century Utah
Thomas Carter
Winterthur Portfolio, Vol. 35, No. 4. (Winter, 2000), pp. 223-251.

Re-placing Memory: Latter-day Saint Use of Historical Monuments and Narrative in the Early Twentieth Century
Katherine Flake
Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation, Vol. 13, No. 1, (2003) pp 6-109.

‘Regeneration–Now and Evermore!’: Mormon Polygamy and the Physical Rehabilitation of Humankind
Hardy, B. Carmon; Erickson, Dan.
 Journal of the History of Sexuality, Vol. 10 Issue 1, (Jan 2001), pp. 40-61.

A Debate on the American Home: The Antipolygamy Controversy, 1880-1890
Joan Smyth Iversen
Journal of the History of Sexuality, Vol. 1, No. 4. (Apr., 1991), pp. 585-602.

Extinguishing the Twin Relics of Barbaric Multiculturalism – Slavery and Polygamy – from American Federalism
John Kincaid
The Journal of Federalism, Vol. 33, No. 1, (Winter, 2003), pp. 75-93.

Strategies of Representation, Relationship, and Resistance: British Women
Travelers and Mormon Plural Wives, ca. 1870-1890

Karen M. Morin; Jeanne Kay Guelke
Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Vol. 88, No. 3. (Sep., 1998), pp. 436-462.

Curious Gentiles and Representational Authority in the City of the Saints
Eric A. Eliason
Religion and American Culture, Vol. 11, No. 2. (Summer, 2001), pp. 155-190.

Once a Peculiar People: Cognitive Dissonance and the Suppression of Mormon Polygamy As a Case Study Negating the Belief-Action Distinction
Elizabeth Harmer-Dionne
Stanford Law Review, Vol. 50, No. 4. (Apr., 1998), pp. 1295-1347.

The Mormon-Suffrage Relationship: Personal and Political Quandaries
Joan Iversen
Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, Vol. 11, No. 2/3, Spirituality, Values, and Ethics. (1990), pp. 8-16.

Re-Visioning Mormon History
Grant Underwood
The Pacific Historical Review, Vol. 55, No. 3. (Aug., 1986), pp. 403-426.

3 Responses to Fighting for the Principle: A bibliography – Journal List

  1. Christopher says:

    Two more that come to mind off the top of my head:

    Kenneth L. Cannon II, “Beyond the Manifesto: Polygamous Cohabitation among LDS General Authorities after 1890”, Utah Historical Quarterly (1978).

    Kenneth Cannon II, “After the Manifesto: Mormon Polygamy, 1890–1906”, Sunstone (Jan.–Apr. 1983).

  2. Sanford Barrett says:

    Jon, forgive me if you have addressed this before, but 1) are you reading these books and articles as part your history courses or are you simply trying to educate yourself on the topic? 2) what is your process for finding and determining what is worth reading? and 3) where do you hope to be when you are done with your reading? I have been thinking a lot about what to read to be an informed participant in discussions surrounding Mormon history and I appreciate you sharing your activities and sources.

  3. Jon W says:

    Hi Sanford,

    Yes I did address this before but I realize it has been a while ago.

    1. I am reading them, or skimming in some cases, because I have chosen to write an essay which discusses this topic. The reasons are that I am hoping to do a PHD next year which at least in part focus on Mormon Religous history.

    2. At this point I am mostly doing research of as many materials as I can find that are available to me in Lethbridge. In some cases that means I can find them online, the University has a number of them and I can interlibrary loan them as long as they are in Canada.

    3. What I have been asked to do with this essay topic is to identify the situation, in this case the end of polygamy from about 1880 – 1906. Then I have to identify the historical opinions and critique the various sides. My professor is obsessed with Context and Historiography so i have to include both.

    Looking at the historiography in some opinions, for example, they see the Political debates surround Smoot and the coverage of his hearings as the final nail that finish Polygamy being practiced by the church (Flake is an example of that opinion). Others believed polygamy would have been naturally removed because of forces within the church, such as young women who, after the manifesto, were trying to avoid plural marriage (Klaus Hansen), so it would die from lack of interest.

    So this is where I am going in part.

    The other essay I have to do is about my search strategy, and explaining how and why I am choosing the sources I am, so I am putting these book lists up so I remember where they are and I figured it might help others to have a quick place to look.

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