Missions do not cure idiocy

You know there are some news titles I really do not ever want to see.  This is definately one of the them!

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Mormon missionaries allegedly damage Colorado Catholic shrine

The thing that amazes me is none of these three thought, “maybe this is a bad idea!”

After the times when our church is treated so cavalierly I would expect our members to be more sensative.  It appalls me to no end to see this happening.

When I served on my mission I made it part of our mission to work with other churches, whether it was taking part in soup kitchens, attending other services so as to be seen as accepting other beliefs.  It is so hard to reach out to other faiths unless you respect each other.

Anyway, my immediate thought, throw the book at them.  Not very Christian but good grief, use some common sense.

One Response to Missions do not cure idiocy

  1. Jon W says:

    Update: looks like Times and Seasons is on top of this one as well, see here.

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