Personal evolutionary development on Evolution

March 12, 2008

UPDATE 14/03/2008: I found it… Bruce Webster was the one advancing the limited flood American version.

When I was a teenager I was first introduced properly to the Theory of Evolution in high school history class.  This section was about Human Evolution.  As part of our section of study we went to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (where I was living), and we were allowed to handle mock ups of hominids and cro-magnon, Neanderthals and Homo Sapien Sapiens (us). 

In these samples one thing that caught me was that each one was coloured in places.  It turns out the coloured parts were what was found of that particular creature.

fast forward some years later, one of my stumbling blocks to re-entering the church was my belief in biological evolution.  In many respects I had great difficulty believing that Evolution did not exist. Read the rest of this entry »


Creating outsiders out of uniquely American Faith

March 12, 2008

While reading an article from the 1881 New York Times I found this comment.

The two foremost men in the Mormon establishment – President [John] Taylor and George Q. Cannon – are of alien birth. No census of the Mormon following, showing the original nationality of each follower, has ever been published. But it is tolerably certain that such a census would prove that the nationality of the Mormons is divided, numerically considered, into something like this relative representation: Scandinavian, English, Welsh, American. Read the rest of this entry »