Personal evolutionary development on Evolution

UPDATE 14/03/2008: I found it… Bruce Webster was the one advancing the limited flood American version.

When I was a teenager I was first introduced properly to the Theory of Evolution in high school history class.  This section was about Human Evolution.  As part of our section of study we went to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (where I was living), and we were allowed to handle mock ups of hominids and cro-magnon, Neanderthals and Homo Sapien Sapiens (us). 

In these samples one thing that caught me was that each one was coloured in places.  It turns out the coloured parts were what was found of that particular creature.

fast forward some years later, one of my stumbling blocks to re-entering the church was my belief in biological evolution.  In many respects I had great difficulty believing that Evolution did not exist.

Then I, through various other means returned to the church.  Now learning the scriptures, studying the gospel and working through seminary manuals, I felt my understanding opened and my faith in biological evolution challenged.  I came to believe in literal Genesis and no Evolution. 

After my mission though the issue still bothered me somewhat.  I am not one to consider scientists, archaeologist and others who stand by biological evolution as completely wrong.  One of my Institute teachers gave me my first out.  We do not know how the fall effected people.  Maybe some were just seriously deformed.  You know the drill.

For some years that has been sufficient. (basically we just do not have the answers)

Over time I had decided that maybe these things can be reconciled later. 

Then a few years ago I read this article on the FAIR website.  It once again opened my eyes to an aha moment.  Suddenly the teachings of my youth in secular schools started to connect with my understanding of various scripture. 

After that I started to once again see my position as a little clearer.  Then reading this blog suggestion on the origins of a limited flood theory, American Style, I am more self assured in my opinion.  I think I can accept Evolution and still feel just fine. 

To some this will either be a:
1. well of course you idiot
2. Hmm, no death before the fall

I hope to most of you it will be more instructional of my own process.  I realized a while back, probably about 10 years ago that I supported and believed in biological evolution (for everyone but humans) and ancient earth dating (a fun way to see the sediment = bad joke). 

While I definately would not call myself a believer in the liberal interpretation of the bible and its origins or the equally sketchy, Joseph made the BOM up but is still inspired camp.  I think being able to bring science back into the equation allows me to feel better.  Not gospel important, but intellectually better.


One Response to Personal evolutionary development on Evolution

  1. S.Faux says:

    Excellent post. I am LDS and I am a life scientist with a specialty in behavioral evolution. If you look at my blog (Mormon Insights), it will be quickly clear I am a big Darwinian. Even so, I realize a testimony of the Church is FAR more important than one’s scientific beliefs. I know many LDS evolutionists. They are strong in the Church. I suppose we are in the minority. Yet, I think my Church background makes me a stronger scientist than I otherwise could be.

    I don’t think we ever need fear the “scriptures” in the rocks — fossils. We need never fear the truth we find in science. God speaks to us in a variety of ways. I have generally found that nature does not lie.

    Best wishes in your pursuits.

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