A humanistic meaning of Mormonism

Richard Bushman in today’s Deseret News is paraphrased as saying that, “Bushman believes the governing question for the future of Mormon scholars is defining the humanistic meaning of Mormonism.”

So what is a humanistic meaning for Mormonism?

As well there are some other good quotes about Bushman dissing the Temples are not secret they are sacred commentary. Bushman says, of course they are secret.
Also they cover the idea again of Mormonism as the fourth Abrahamic religion and the concept that we need to stop worrying about the Mormons are Christian thing.

Enjoy being a peculiar people.

Some how I missed this in depth coverage thanks to Blair Hodges at the Juvenile Instructor.

Anyways getting back to the topic, what do you consider a humanistic meaning of Mormonism?

Comments welcomed and encouraged.


3 Responses to A humanistic meaning of Mormonism

  1. BHodges says:

    I think it has more to do with the classic “terrible questions,” whence, why and whither.

  2. Jon W says:

    I hates it when my seemingly original thought is just a bad repeat of a better phrasing of the question.

    Oh well.

    Oh and Blair, impressive work on that transcript. I was enjoying it so much I almost missed the start of class.

  3. Jettboy says:

    I have high praise for Bushman and think he is a wonderful intellectual and advocate for the LDS Church. Despite that, this is the first time I have ever had serious disagreements with what he has said. The major disagreement is that we should ditch trying to be considered Christian. That is unacceptable! My identity and that of a large portion of Mormons is that we are Christian, no matter how heretical are other teachings to the traditionalists.

    Next week I plan to write a response to Bushman on some of those disagreements. Hopefully I will be able to discuss why Mormons shouldn’t care about intellectual respectability, the futility of Mormonism to be a World Religion, and why the term “Christian” to define Mormonism is not negotiable.

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