Why is Marxist thought still relevant?

This is a tiny pet peeve of mine.

Social Darwinism + Hitler = Really bad theory totally devalued

Marxism + Stalin = Still valid way of looking at life

This has bothered me for a long time.  To me Marxism as a theory, in other words basing your entire evaluations on economics and worker pain, has been called out and completely devalued after the Workers Paradise turned into the Guglag Archipelago.

In history most of the New Left lost out on the argument when Synthesis school came a long and said that the world is more complex than your typical proletariate vs the capitalists comparisons.  I just wish in other academic walks of life it was treated in the same manner as Social Darwinist theory.

Any way lets call that my PSA for today and call it a night.


3 Responses to Why is Marxist thought still relevant?

  1. David G. says:

    I see a fairly significant difference between social darwinism and marxism. One is based on racist pseudo-scientific doctrines that mask and reinforce power relations. The other seeks to expose inequalities in relationship to the means of production, thereby attacking power structures. So while marxism was a failure in the USSR, the ideas put forward by Marx are still powerful in academic critiques of power. Foucault, who could perhaps be categorized as post-Marxist, was heavily influenced by Marx, and Foucault in turn has had a tremendous impact on the ways that historians look at the past.

  2. Peter says:

    For one thing, Hitler’s ideas were socialism based on nationalism and socialism, but the socialism was still there–state ownership of industry and a planned economy . . . I find it humorous that always gets overlooked. It was called National SOCIALISM for heaven’s sake. Mussolini’s state was closer to a corporatist state with nationalist and central control over people’s lives. So many of these terms are interchangeable and the ideologies always come full circle. Fascism was in the USSR, as it is in China today. The only real difference in the ideology is whether it’s considered internationalist or nationalist.

    So in answer to your question, we fool ourselves when we don’t think that nationalist socialism has been cast off while internationalist Marxist-type socialism hasn’t. If anything, Russia, China, are examples of modern national socialist nations minus killing Jews and blacks. This is right-wing synthesis and critical theory, the evolution of fascism. They are much like 1940’s Italy since they have capitalized their economies. Indeed China and Russia are more laissez faire than the USA today. Europe’s internationalist and Fabian socialism is really the only throwback to Marx that I see anymore and following Marcuse’s Critical Theory and cultural revolution down the toilet. And it’s being gobbled up by 12th Century Islamic Sharia because it is soooo internationalist and demographically destructive.

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