Called to Nursery

March 15, 2008

I am sure I am breaking some sort of unwritten rule but I suspect few in my ward read this blog.

My wife and I got called into Nursery.  Now if you are going to have a calling I can think of worse.  When you hate camping, teaching youth, having primary children stare at you like you are an idiot while they slide in and out of the their chairs like respective pistons, you know the toughies.

My wife and I since we have been married have lived in 7 wards and one branch over the past nearly 13 years.  In that time my wife has been called into either primary or nursery in EVERY SINGLE one.  She is tired of it.  She signs every time they ask her, she has served as everything from Nursery to about 8 years old and at one time primary president.  They call her when she has a baby, pregnant or whatever.  Read the rest of this entry »