Giving the speech

Mitt Romney Barack Obama gave THE speech today.  I thought his speech on Faith Race was very well planned and thought out.  I also thought he did an excellent job of being inclusive including all Faiths Races.

 Anyways you get the idea.

I think Obama did well trying to halt an issue that was killing his momentum.  His speech, reading it anyways, seemed to be very well thought out and I sure well delivered.  Often these moments can make or break you.

Well known politicians trying to change the argument usually can achieve that when they are not caught in some type of moral dilema.  It will be interesting to see if this speech will give him the bounce.  Certainly it has that possibility.  Briefly glancing around it appears that the focus of the media is on his comments about his pastor but I think the other references about race and inclusion may have some staying power if people are able to see them.  Especially if you are a democrat.

So there you go my quick opinion.


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