Secret, Sacred, and Ransacked, Manti Temple in 1887

So I am reading a digital copy of the Deseret News from June 1, 1887.  In the article on page 5 is the provokative title, “Ransacking the Temple”.  It was an amazing retelling simply because for us it is appalling in character, but, it also shows how naive I am. I would never have even considered that Marshalls would be looking for “Cohabs” in the temple.

And thanks to Kevin Barney who mentioned the Utah paper project. I am looking forward to making some use of this.



The Manti Sentinel gives the following account of the searching of the
manti temple by deputy marshals on tuesday the 24th inst1. :

Deputy marshals Dykes, Clawson,and Ether opened the ball in Sanpete County this morning by making the first raid under the Edmunds law in cohabitation cases. At about 5 o’clock this morning, the family of Bishop William T. Reid were aroused by the summons of the marshals armed with a warrant and prepared to arrest the head of the household. After a fruitless search over the house the worthies subpoenaed Mrs. Reid, her two sons, and the hired girl to appear during the September term of court at Provo, and took their way to the home of the alleged second wife, where another search was instituted the object of their desires was nowhere to be found. The next step was to demand of the
guards an


this was peremptorily denied until a warrant was produced, when Luther T. Tuttle, the President of the Temple Association, was summoned to conduct the ungracious visitors. When the door was opened the trio stepped inside, and in order to make the quest thoroughly searching, Ether put himself at the head of the party and trotted up the stairway leading to the top of the northwest tower. The search there was also unsuccessful, and the deputies without more ado, drove away toward Ephraim.

1. inst refers to in the current month.


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