Recovery time

With three weeks remaining before finals, two papers due, three more assignments and another test it is nearly crunch time.  So having a four day respite to catch your breath is a nice change of pace. 

I am hating my computer course right now.  Sciences love labs, I am an Arts major, I hate labs.  This one in particular is tough because I am doing mine online, at home, and without a partner.  Still one has to keep up. 

So last night, after having a Lab exam Tuesday I am finishing my second Access Database project.  Yikes.  It took long enough that by 1:30AM when I finished I was pretty punch drunk.

It of course doesn’t help that I put myself in a pickle by ending up with having to take a full five course load last semester.  I want to graduate this year so I had to take it.

Anyways, back to the regular scheduled programming soon, I am thinking a bit more about the Limited Flood Theory and how the placing of Adam and Eve in Missouri about 14,000 years ago would have worked.   But I do not have the strength.

Get me back to history where I can talk without using math formulas, equations and other Math.


One Response to Recovery time

  1. Harriet says:

    Yes! Finally something about geek squad.

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