Burden of the Cross – Introduction

I have been thinking about this for a while, and I think I am going to post my essay from last semester.   I will break it into parts because I know 20 Paper pages would be huge in a blog, as well as removing my explainations of what priesthood authority and the different leadership positions because my audience is different.

When originally written it had two cross thesis, which I have left in mainly to understand my original argument as well as give some discussion of the experiences of African American Mormons.

Finally, after reading a post in a email list of which I was formerly a member I found some stunning ignorance on the issue and the work of Margaret Young and Darius Gray who I think have done a great service with their documentary.  So being offended enough I decided I need to say something, so this is it.

I hope for those that have read this topic a thousand times this will be a reaffirmation.  For those who do not really know the story I really ask only that you look at all the facts about the ban and maybe do some interspection on your own views. 

I think honestly, that the only reason there was a ban was because the of the church membership not the Lord (in that he had to wait for the church not the other way around).  But that is my opinion.

Once again let me say that I look forward to the release of Young and Gray’s DVD which I will for one be purchasing.

So I hope you like this article and I have broken it up a bit to remove endless scrolling.


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