Dilbert tempest in a teapot

Dilbert, a Comic strip I frequent from time to time due to its former relvence with a number of employers I have had over the years.  In fact it got so bad at one workplace I used to have a background on my desktop from Random Acts of Management. 

So a week or so ago I noticed his strip talking about a character called Jesus (pronounced Haysoos – as it referred to a hispanic employee).  Over the week from March 7 to 14 they developed the character into a database version of the biblical gospels.  I personally think the whole thing rather silly.

So then I notice the BYU’s The Daily Universe censored the strip.  So then I am thinking, well that is a bit over the top to me, yet I can understand that they felt it went too far.  So after that I then go to the Dilbert site to check out the strip in full and see if there was something I missed.  No it still seems a rather silly, specifically timed, piece mostly meant to get people to pay attention to the strip in my estimation.

Then I crossed Scott Adams’ Blog thinking it would be interesting to see if he said anything about the whole issue.  As it turns out he did do that as well.  Commenting that he found most Practicing Christians were ok with it but a inordinate amount that did not were offended.

The only thing I wondered about was his comments about doing something similar about Islam, and I would suggest about Jews as well, his response, “My favorite rhetorical question, which I received an alarming number of times, was ‘Why don’t you mock Mohammed next? Huh? Why not?’

Well, aside from the blindingly obvious reason that I prefer life over death[.]”

I do not want to make this into something it isn’t but I found the last comments slightly startling, it is easy to be brave when you are taking on people who are not currently going to kill you.  I understand the motivation but his argument to me makes about as much sense as BYU’s responsible free speech comment. 

I am not sure really where I fall on this after reading all sides but yet it does all seem too much like a tempest in a teapot to sell cartoons.


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