Bloggers wanted

I am thinking about bringing in some guest bloggers over the next little while to try and do what I originally planned to do with this site, which is to make it a group blog rather than just my voice all the time.

 Criteria, I am looking for people who are interested in history of the church or some aspect of history that could be related to the church.  Second, I am hoping to make this more about international areas, such as Canada, Britain or elsewhere, where LDS history is vibrant but not as well known by members in the USA.

 I am hoping by looking in this way the blog will remain interesting, not be just another history blog but to add something unique, I think Juvenile Instructor does a great job covering the US church and I am doing similar so maybe we can focus in on a more international flavour.

Or if someone is interested in the Community of Christ (Reorganized LDS) maybe this is a blog you would consider posting on.

So first, send me an email at willjb at uleth dot ca and I will will then post a guest spot for you.  If I find no takers than maybe I will change tactics, have someone who writes about religious LDS philosophy or another about life in the church, or doing what Bruce Webster is doing and just giving some interesting comments on the Book of Mormon scriptures.

My main idea is not to be a clone of Times and Seasons, BCC or many of the other blogs that do a great job covering this kind of stuff.  They are good because they are unique. 

Anyways, enough babbling from me, if you are interested in a guest spot contact me.


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