General Conference Live Blog – Thats a wrap

So after such a busy two days I found myself staying away from the computer this afternoon after conference.  So sorry but here is the final standings.

1. Times and Seasons – won outright with over 300 comments on sunday bringing their total over 500 comments during the live blogs through four sessions.  Not too shabby!

2. I scored this one a Tie as Mormon Matters and By Common Consent split second places over the four sessions.  BCC was really thoughtful Sunday with some interesting discussions while Mormon Matters were better on the first day.

4. Mormon Mentality – Not a bad showing but just for some reason did not have the same amount or type of discussions. 

5. Our Thoughts

Over all there was still some interesting blogs that discussed various points from the conference and of course Messenger and Advocate had a stellar run down of each talk.  I do not think I have ever kept that thorough of notes. 

One surprise for me was that there seemed to be less live blogs this conference compared to last one and no real internet fury, unless you count the poll.  And on a personal note I was very interested to see President Monson’s last speech. I thought it was inspiring and one could see the weight he held every word. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you will come back to read some of my other stuff. 



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