Ranking the live conference blogs – Sunday morning

Ok well after a good morning.  Personally our house loved President Uchtdorf’s talk about faith of our fathers.

1. Times and Seasons – winner by a mile with over 160 comments.  As well as some distraction over the term “There is no end to race” in If You Could Hie to Kolob.

2. By Common Consent Good discussions with Uchtdorf and Monson.  And my favourite line, from Ray, “My 5-year-old daughter just opened her eyes and ran from the room, yelling, “We’re FREE!””

3. Mormon Matters – Same sort of themes as the others

4. Mormon Mentality – big fall off this time.

5. Our Thoughts – the Canadian blog is struggling

Honourable mention: FMH Lisa has a great storyline, Shhhh, I can’t hear: Conference Addition. Great fun, and is my problem as well.


2 Responses to Ranking the live conference blogs – Sunday morning

  1. Kim Siever says:

    Yeah, I lost my Internet connection Saturday night. If more people commented, I guess it’d be less of a problem.

  2. Jon W says:

    Yeah bummer, I know what you mean about the lack of comments. Actually I enjoyed having at least one site which was not as Utah oriented.

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