Fighting the Principle: Introduction

Ok the actual name is a bit long so I cut it down.

Fighting the Principle: George F. Edmunds and the battle against polygamy
is the proper name for the essay.

So once again, this is the final draft of my paper for my US history class.  It diverges somewhat from the original due to some suggestions by David G.  If this had been longer and I wanted to put in a dedication bit certainly I would acknowledge all the assistance he gave me with this, suggesting books, helping in the editing process with some critical feedback.

George Edmunds is a fascinating character, who apparently has little done academically about his life, which seems amazing considering his importance to Mormons in the 19th century, of course I have no idea whether their might be some writing out there but from my few months of searching I certainly found very little about the Senator from Vermont.

Some of you who are new here, this paper is academic and secular in nature, it does not talk about revelation or anything spiritual.  It is mostly a factual argument of the political and legal situation and central to my argument is the role Edmunds played which I happen to see as more significant that Smoot or what happened after the 1890 manifesto.

So read on dear reader.


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