Church Headquarters – Honolulu Hawaii?

Recently I found this article from 1890 discussing the end of plural marriage at the first Manifesto, consider this article for a minute:

It is suggested in the remaining argument that there was no where to go but the isles of the sea (as it were) which would not have worked either because:

So in effect the New York Times saw another exodus as unlikely and too dubious to be given a chance to succeed particularly when considering the mad scramble for colonies by the European Nations across the world (soon to be followed by the US in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii and the Philippeans). 

However, it is an interesting thing to consider, especially with the type of relations Joseph F. Smith had in Hawaii what would have happened had they been driven from the Utah territory.  But of course some think what ifs are pointless.


Of course I do agree that the church was far too established to move one more time but lets play a guessing game anyway.


One Response to Church Headquarters – Honolulu Hawaii?

  1. Jon W says:

    For anyone wondering this article is from the New York Times December 21, 1890.

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