Some days it is tough being the Yankees

April 11, 2008

Sorry this is not a real Mormon conversation.  It is a observation of human nature.

Ok, so I am living currently in Southern Alberta, Canada which happens to be territorially where the Calgary Flames get a large portion of their support.  They are opposed by the Edmonton Oilers a Northern Alberta team who also get a portion of support (about 55% to 35% with the other either being for other teams or just not really caring).

Now hockey is in itself a secondary religion in Canada.  So I do not make the comparison lightly. Read the rest of this entry »


Who do you believe deep in the heart of Texas

April 11, 2008

So since so many sites, here, here and especially here are doing such a good job covering this I wanted to bring a slightly different question on the whole FLDS issue and ask who do people believe?

I have a friend who was raised the former FLDS affiliate in Bountiful, British Columbia.  Her version of their polygamy is not a pleasant one. 

Another segment of the population published this documentary: Read the rest of this entry »