Some days it is tough being the Yankees

Sorry this is not a real Mormon conversation.  It is a observation of human nature.

Ok, so I am living currently in Southern Alberta, Canada which happens to be territorially where the Calgary Flames get a large portion of their support.  They are opposed by the Edmonton Oilers a Northern Alberta team who also get a portion of support (about 55% to 35% with the other either being for other teams or just not really caring).

Now hockey is in itself a secondary religion in Canada.  So I do not make the comparison lightly.

In 2008 the Oilers missed the playoffs for the second time.  The Flames are currently in them.

So from my friends who are Flames fans you expect some ribbing, in fact I would be more surprised if it did not happen.  You see Oilers are the Yankees of hockey, loved and adored by their own fans and apparently considered with contempt by others in Alberta at least.  The two team have played many storied series over the last 20 years, (not exactly the distance of the Red Sox and Yankees but with as much bitter feelings and angst).
See examples:

and for the Flames you have this one… (sort of as they lost the series two days later)

Anyways, after the Oilers won 5 championships and Flames won 1 and we each finished in the final series from 1983 to 1990 both teams imploded and by the mid 1990s the Oilers and Flames were missing playoffs, for long stretches.

In 2004 Calgary went to the finals and lost.
In 2006 Edmonton went to the finals and lost.

This year with the Oilers out I have put up with more smart remarks for wearing my jersey to the University than ever had at any other time. In effect I feel like they are the Red Sox, finally feeling free from us, while they gloat about our demise, we sit and wonder what the fuss is about.

Although the Oilers fans consider themselves as loyal as the Red Sox Nation (some even use Oilers Nation) I think most Flames fans are your prawn cocktail types.  And so I notice everyone has their jerseys out from storage and they take freebies at people who support their team come rain or shine.

All I ever feel like saying is 5 to 1! (Oilers Stanley Cup wins to Flames wins).

Of course I am above that childishness.  Although I hope the Flames lose more than ever.

I wonder if this IS what Yankees fans feel like. 🙂


One Response to Some days it is tough being the Yankees

  1. Kim Siever says:

    This is why I support the Canes.

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