Who do you believe deep in the heart of Texas

So since so many sites, here, here and especially here are doing such a good job covering this I wanted to bring a slightly different question on the whole FLDS issue and ask who do people believe?

I have a friend who was raised the former FLDS affiliate in Bountiful, British Columbia.  Her version of their polygamy is not a pleasant one. 

Another segment of the population published this documentary:

So as a member I of course found it interesting how this video tries to portray our church as in cahoots with the FLDS. And it is obvious that they are trying to slam home a point that the FLDS are Al Qaeda in America with their extremist views and amazing claims of inceneraters on the temple.

It just feels odd.

As much as I might disagree with their belief system I just find the whole thing a bit hard to swallow. Kind of like a FLDS Godmakers. Mormonism is EEEEVVILLL.

Now as I have said on numerous occasions I have no desire to uphold a group who are committing serious crimes. Jeffs appears, at least the way the tape is recorded to portray him, as a bigot at least. But where I think groups like this fail and how they present themselves they appear to give some sort of Evangelical scare tactic. It has a Michael Moorish feel to it. ( mean the barbedwire white male masters over looking their slave girls is the height of drama.)

It just smacks a little too closely to some of the Victorian polygamy fiction, passed off as a true account to be taken fully seriously. I might be naivee but wow.

Oh and on a side note, at the bottom of the Wikipedia article on Bountiful I noticed this:

On April 8, 2008 the B.C. government has been told it should ask the province’s highest court for a legal opinion on polygamy instead of proceeding first with charges against members of a polygamist cult in the community of Bountiful.

Lawyer Leonard Doust said the court should be asked whether Canada’s laws against polygamy are constitutionally valid, and whether they could withstand a court challenge on the grounds that multiple marriages fall under the right of religious freedom.

Minister of Attorney General Wally Oppal said it’s no secret he favours a more aggressive approach to the issue, but he must consider the opinions given by two highly respected lawyers — Doust and the special prosecutor who gave the same advice earlier.

If you want the Canadian Government’s research on how to break up polygyny look here, with special emphasis on African polygyny.


3 Responses to Who do you believe deep in the heart of Texas

  1. Jon W says:

    So now I find this sucker comment here…

    The mayor of Eldorado was with the children after they left the compound, and he described a touching moment.

    “Those kids had never seen toys,” said Mayor John Nikolauk. “We brought the girls dolls, and they just stared at them. Then they started holding and clutching them. The boys finally started playing with the trains we brought them, and they looked happy. That really made your heart feel good.”

    Is anyone else sitting here going COME ON!!

  2. E says:

    Oh, yes, the children have never seen toys! They’ve just been sitting in their rooms, staring at the walls, until the Texas rangers swooped in to rescue them. Good grief.

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