I got in, how do I pay for it?

Well, today I got my acceptance into the University of Montana.  Hurray.

Considering I have been working on this for nearly a year now I am pretty pumped.  But one thing, they did not include anything about financial aid.  So now I am left wondering what that means. 

To put it bluntly, as a Canadian going to a US school, it would be an astronomical cost to attend without some form of financial aid.  I have been hoping for a Teacher’s Assistant position which would negate most of the costs and I would have given me a bit of extra money.

So now I wait for the other shoe to drop.  Hopefully it drops well.


6 Responses to I got in, how do I pay for it?

  1. David G. says:

    Way to go, Jon. That’s great news. I expect you’ll find some way to pay for it.

  2. Christopher says:

    Congratulations, Jon. I imagine Montana might have some sort of TA position for grad students that would help financially.

  3. Keri Brooks says:

    Congratulations! Did you fill out a FAFSA? (I don’t know if international students qualify, but it’s worth looking into.) Generally, schools use the data off of the FAFSA to determine financial aid packages.

  4. Keri Brooks says:

    Oh, and generally acceptance letters and financial aid award letters come separately, so you might have to wait a week or two to find out about financial aid.

  5. Jon W says:

    Thanks Keri that is good to know.

    FAFSA no idea but I doubt it. (as you said we are FOREIGNERS) 😉

    Thanks David and Christopher, I appreciate your support Thanks!

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