FLDS over the pulpit

So today during Sacrament meeting we had a High Councilman speaking.  He commented on the FLDS situation.  He called it sad and discouraging.

The thing that caught me out was he said in effect, it was because they were not living the Family Proclamation in their lives.  He then went through Proclamation and discussed:

We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.

I found it interesting that he would equal the FLDS with, I assume, disobeying the proclamation and seem to allow themselves to be caught up in a disintergration of their families.  I am not sure they would see it that way.

Yet not to continue talking about this adinfinitum but yet one is left to wonder if we really understand the difficulties of being weird in society.  It seems like society as a whole still sees us as weird so maybe we should consider our position with some care.

Of course that maybe just me. 


10 Responses to FLDS over the pulpit

  1. plain truth says:

    Only a **** would want those kids taken from their wonderful families.

    The patriots who are standing up for these kids and the constitution need to get together and form an organization to resist this and other atrocities by the government and their henchmen.

    Further, all baptist churchs should be picketed on sunday to protest the invovlement of the el dorado baptist church in assisting the pigs, providing buses and acting as collaborators. this is a huge problem.

    Now for some real info:

    It was legal to marry at 14 year in both texas and utah until recently.

    The only difference between a 14 yo and a fifteen year old is one day. Big deal. It is legal to marry a 15 year old in utah right now.

    The real lesson here for you Texas ***** is that DCFS will soon be coming for your children. “Emotional Abuse” is a term so ambiguous that it can mean whatever the social work[ers] wants in to mean. Do you teach your kids that god loves them. Surely, that is emotional abuse.

    Edited because it was way too over the top…. BTW it adds nothing to the argument to go off on over the top slams against people.

  2. Ardis Parshall says:

    Land sakes, Jon, you ought to put a warning on your blog about the quality of some of your commenters. I’m sorry I clicked through to read your post.

  3. Ardis Parshall says:

    Okay, so you were editing while I was writing — moderating is a barrel of laughs, eh?

    “It seems like society as a whole still sees us as weird so maybe we should consider our position with some care.” Yes!

  4. Jon W says:

    ah it is fun indeed.

  5. eTigger says:

    The FLDS leadership has created this mess, but it is the State of Texas that will likely suffer the consequences. Because of the way the case has been handled “en mass” by the presiding judge, multiple constitutional violations have occurred – at some point these violations will bring the whole mess back to where it started.

  6. Jon W says:

    Absolutely agree that the FLDS has responsibility for at least some of what is going on. While I am certainly no expert there is enough evidence of past incidence to make one wonder.

    Yet the role the state of Texas and the CPA took on this one can only be seen as a huge error in judgement. It is not good enough to pin all your evidence for a warrent on one person who appears may never have existed.

    Then trying the kids all as one to determine possession of all 416 kids seems outrageous use of the justice system. The fact remains that their “evidence” appears basically to be six to ten girls out of a total of 416 children who are child brides.

    Making assumptions that little boys and girls will follow exactly in their fathers and mothers footsteps seems to bely the logic altogether.

  7. Guy Murray says:

    The High Council speaker was out of line. His comments are not only doctrinally unsound–they lack the pure Love of Christ we all strive for in our lives.

  8. While I don’t agree with your High Councilman’s sentiments, I give him points for addressing the topic. I often feel that sacrament meeting is disconnected from what is happening in the way of current events. I guess one reason sacrament meeting talks avoid cutting edge news items is that in addressing them, a person runs the risk of giving offense to at least a portion of the congregation.

    As I arrived at Church last Sunday, I wondered if the FLDS raid would come up. It surfaced in the Gospel Essentials class I attend in reference to holding the keys of the priesthood. The comments were respectful although centered on the idea that we have the keys and they don’t.

    As for the Family Proclamation, it seems very much directed to our 21st century familial norms rather than those of the 19th. Somehow I can’t see Brigham Young wording it quite the way President Hinckley did and I strongly doubt Brigham would have condemned the practice of polygamy in a form.

  9. Kim Siever says:

    So, is your High Councillor suggesting that God was behind the raid?

  10. Jon W says:

    One has to wonder. And no I have no idea.

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