End of a long journey

Today I finished my last exam in what I expect to be my completion of my Bachelors of Arts in History.  At least I hope so anyways, one never knows.

To give you an idea of how long this journey has been I began taking a grade twelve English course after my mission in the spring of 1993 to prepare for going into our local community college.  I spent a year at the college trying to prepare to enter University which I then entered in 1994 during the Summer.

School was a long and winding road, I would have good semesters followed by poor ones coming to a climax in the winter of 1997 when I ran for MLA (member of our Legislative Assembly similar to a state representative).  I was so knee deep in politics school just vanished.  I left school during those winter months figuring that i would return, some day.

In 2002 I decided while in Britain to go back to University, it would take 3 years and I could start from scratch, clean up the mess I made so many years ago.  I was not accepted to my first choice school to my shock. (Maybe i should have known better…)

Part of my desire to return to Canada was the realization that to finish this degree I was going to need to do it at the school i started in.  So in the summer of 2004 I started back to school.  Here it is below:University of Lethbridge

So after coming back in 2004 I found myself being taken away to once again work in politics this time as an employee.  It made it nearly impossible to complete my courses so in 2006 I stepped away from the University.  In the early part of of 2007 I decided to finish my bachelors to have my piece of paper. 

So since July I have worked my tail finishing 11 courses.  

Today, I finished my final exam. 
Done, complete, finito. 

The first person in my immediate family, including most of my cousins, nephews and neices to ever finish a bachelors of any kind. 

Over eleven years after leaving school I am done.  I walked out of my last exam feeling caught up in the moment.  It was almost emotional.  Anyway, I felt i had to write about it.     


4 Responses to End of a long journey

  1. Christopher says:

    Congrats, Jon. Good luck in your future academic endeavors, and may your graduate degree(s) not take as long.

  2. Ardis Parshall says:

    Jon, you are a hero to all of us — including me — who have not yet earned a degree. Congratulations. May you lead a long line of W’s with this achievement!

  3. Jon W says:

    Thanks Ardis and Christopher,

    For myself it is the satisfaction of finally doing the one thing I felt I needed to do for so long. Leaving this undone would have bothered me forever I think.

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