Quiet reverence

Entering into the temple in Cardston yesterday I was reminded once again about the feeling the temple elicits in me.  It is this sense of the holy centre.  It is something I am sure I am not alone in recognising yet it just seems so unique in its own right.

Others on their blogs have talked about the sacred space the Temple entails but where I really feel it is in the Celestial room.  The endownment itself reminds me of things I have either forgotten or of things that I did not know before, some times they are related to what is going on but so often it seems to be something different.

Yet it is in the Celestial room where I feel the most attuned to something beyond my own nature.  As often as I struggle to live with the demands of church life the more I am reminded in the Celestial room of why we struggle.

I find often when I am most likely about to make life changing decisions the peace I feel there allows me to shunt aside other concerns and to focus on the simple things.  It creates a connection which I feel centres my life back on the things it should.

Of course the Cardston (Alberta) Temple is different then a lot of the modern designs because it was built for a live session so you still move from various rooms, they still have the original almost impressionist painting which are fascinating in their own right.  It means that you can find things even in the smallest thing.

I have only been in five temples, Edmonton, Salt Lake, Provo, Oakland and Cardston but the only one that excels past Cardston in my mind was Salt Lake, where so much work was done to make it so unique.

Anyway the quiet reverence found in the temple has been something amazing for me over the years.


2 Responses to Quiet reverence

  1. S.Faux says:


    Thank you for your thoughtful blogs. Good luck in the future, now that your degree work is finished.

  2. Jon W says:

    I hope to be going into grad school in the fall, but it depends on the funding as I cannot afford the $15,000 it will cost in tuition just to take the class on my own.

    If that all happens then I will probably be knee deep in history for many years to come.

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