Touring my stomping grounds part 1

So you are reading this blog, some of you might even be interested in the school I attend the University of Lethbridge, unless you are Kim Siever and well it is all too familiar.

So whether you like it or not here is my photo tour of the University of Lethbridge.  Taken on a Saturday after the end of exams.

These two buildings, which I did not care enough about to bother too much are the Neural Science (on the right) and the new water management buildings.

Turcotte Hall named after the first chancellor of the University.  This photo shows the new extension finished at the end of last year.  This front is almost a hollywood facade in front of the real building.

Here is where my department is, in the basement of Turcotte Hall.  It is a small department.  I am most familiar with this part of the University as almost every class I took in History (20 in total) were located in the rooms right beside these doors.  It was dark so this is the best shot I got down there.

Aperture Park, one of the resident buildings on campus.  When I first started these buildings were height for a single student after the “dungeon” at the base of University Hall.  Because of it being a relatively modern construction it was pretty nice when I was visiting friends there 10 years ago, no idea what it is like now.  In the foreground is one of the over priced Lethbridge Transit buses.(2.25 for one trip in a city of 80,000 and a post secondary pass which costs the same as an Adult pass)

The U of L Library, this building replaced one of the more spectacularly bad libraries.  According to some one who works there though apparently they created the design before even considering the needs of the library.  It an ok library but doing proper research in the US is almost impossible due to the way the University has purchased books.  My other gripe is that they set aside five bucks a semester (might have been more) for me to pay for the building at a time where I may never use it. I mean what is tuition for?  Oh and my boys in the foreground.

The model of the original design of the university.  The white rectangle is University Hall.  The clear buildings are those that were never built.  Urban legend has it that building the other big rectangle would have caused major slippage on the edge of the coulee it is in.  Plus they were dang ugly.

My favourite part of this 1960s abomination was the c shaped resident halls.  yikes.  Oh as well apparently there was going to be a water fall going from the lower building to the lake… my only thought on that one is what the erosion would have done.

We are now in the Atrium of the University Hall, see a photo of the hall below this one…

The hall was constructed by Arthur Erickson, a famous Canadian architect who washed his hands of the University over the buildings set above the coulee thus ruining his “sitelines”.  Personally my feet say thank you for not listening to him.  The original building is bad enough.  The Atrium was supposed to be a place where students could sit on roman style couches and listen to their instructor acting like a modern day Plato.  To me it just seemed like the usual sixties thinking.  On top of the fact that the accoustics in that place are awful and well…

 Here is a photo of U Hall taken by another site.  I will put in my own shot some time next week.

Continued in Part 2.


One Response to Touring my stomping grounds part 1

  1. Robbie says:

    Hey Jon, I just spotted you on Mormon Mentality, and thought hey, I think I knew that guy! (Ironic, since it was a conversation about blogging anonymity) Thanks for the pictures of U of L, it’s been too many years since I’ve been back there, I don’t recognize half of it. If you don’t remember me, (and I’m preserving my blogging anonymity to an extent here) I’m on facebook, friends with Louisa, you can say hi there.

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