Touring my stomping grounds part 2

Welcome to the second half please continue:

Looking from the base of Uhall at the Library on the left and the Students Union on the right.  The building has a frisbee look to it.  It is often called the spaceship when I was there in the 1990s.

This is looking down the stretch of University Hall.  What immediately becomes obvious is that you cannot see any classrooms or offices as you walk the hall.  This was another Erickson idea. 

Which leads to my biggest reason for hating this building… This is where the office and classrooms hide.  Little tunnel like halls which only mice could love.  Ah long stretches of concrete, in a hospital white colour, framed in an under lit building… yep nothing but love for you.

Because of the wind, and tendancy for -30 C weather in the winter months the University put in a tunnel which stretches from the library to Student’s Union building.  the tunnel’s latter half features club sponsored paintings to liven up some bland concrete.  This one here should be familiar.

Another picture in the tunnel.  This one obviously after the Berlin Wall came down.  This also features a running theme of the University, Fiat Lux, or Let their be light.  In the University this “light” is education.

The campus radio station, CKUX now it was CKUL when I was there, looking slightly more modern then when I worked there in 1996.  We were still using records and tapes in those days.  Ah the memories, the WKRPishness of it all. 

Here is my last photo, the University of Lethbridge Swimming pool.  One of the few Olympic sized pools.  It is also a great place to study or sleep because it is really warm and humid.  At least my wife studied there I personally found the big old steps a little hard to lay on and I study best at a desk anyway.

Well there you are looking around the campus.  I would have loved to have included more but I think this gives an idea without going overboard.


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