Shots, pokes and an annoying lack of evidence

So as a I have been proceeding through the registration process for my Grad school I have run into a bit of a wall.  Immunization records. 

Currently I cannot find nor easily track down the records of my immunization.  Apparently I have to show a record that I have had Measles, Mumps and Rubella shots done as a child.  Well for most of my life I can find all my immunization records, until now.

So in talking to my doctor he recommended a blood test. So I came in and got it done figuring it would show evidence of the shots I got done.

Ha ha ha… of course not.  It showed the measles but not rubella. [sigh]

So now I am left with having to either get the MMR done or just a rubella shot before they will allow me to register.  What a nightmare.   However in evaluating the whole situation I wonder what those who have never had the shots done because of their beliefs (MMR’s are evil bring autism on, etc.) would do in this situation.   

Anyway back I go to the health center today… sigh.


3 Responses to Shots, pokes and an annoying lack of evidence

  1. Coffinberry says:

    Went through this in 2005, preparing to back to law school. I managed to locate my childhood shot records (a high school I had attended for all of two weeks in 1979 actually had a copy), which showed that I had had mumps, but didn’t show the MMR from 7th grade.

    So, I ended up having the whole slew done again. Had to have a bunch of new ones anyway, so I think that day that along with the blood draws (my thyroid has to be regularly monitored), I had a total of 9 pokes/pricks whatever. I was a little sore, but other wise, fine.

  2. Jon W says:

    ouch sounds nasty… my sympathy.

  3. Jared T. says:

    Oh snap…I just got the registration materials from the U, and haven’t looked them over close enough to see if I need such a record…cuz I know there’s not a snowball’s chance in hades that I have my records…thanks for the heads up!

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