Ugh yet another roadblock which might be a deadend

Well, I got the news today, no assistanceship is available for the fall.  (There could be one but not sure at this point, which sounds like they have one that still has yet to accept)

So now I am unsure what to do, do I defer, do I cancel going altogether and just reapply to different schools in December and hope there is funding out there… I do not know.  $15,000 is the tuition I would have to come up with for a year.  I am not in position to pay it so I am up the river without a poodle.

I am going to call their financial aid person tomorrow and see what can be done but man right now this sucks.

Good night, Gracie.


2 Responses to Ugh yet another roadblock which might be a deadend

  1. David G. says:

    There is always the option of getting outside funding. I know a girl that was in a similar situation, where she had been accepted, without funding, to a good PhD. program. Some wealthy members are funding her, in part. Do you know any of those types?

  2. Jon W says:

    man I wish. I am unfortunately not familiar with any. Most of my relatives are rather dirt poorish territory.

    We shall see what happens I guess. I wish I could say for sure one way or the other. I have put through a call to the Finaid guy. Hopefully he gets back to me soon.

    My mother-in-law helped me finish my schooling this year but that was for 4,000 not 15.

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