I heart Mormons

So while searching for Christ and the World of the New Testament: An Illustrated Reference for Latter-day Saints on Amazon.com I was interested to learn that they did not have it but instead was pointed to, among other things this book, I Love Mormons: A New Way to Share Christ with Latter-day Saints by David L. Rowe. 

I was curious enough to read an excerpt, mostly because I knew what was coming but wanted to see what the package was. It was an attractive package as the first few pages go, funny chapter headings like “Learning to speak Mormonese,” but in the end it is just a new wine in old bottles.  Mormons are doctrinally evil, but the people aren’t, so nicely get them to apostatize. 

It is too bad that we just cannot get along but I guess there is nothing for it.  Evangelicals just feel they need to get to us because we are going to hell.  Their biggest focus, our belief in the role of Christ, as they seem to think we do not see him as God or at least Pastor Rowe does not and that we think we have to become gods through our own effort and not with Gods help. 

It is almost like these guys just fail in every way to understand what they are reading.  They seem so hot to trot to raise our temple cermonies maybe they should read the things they treat as dross.  We do not see our role as a salvation or exhaltation self achieved.  Every step is done only through the merits of Christ who we preach.

Salvation comes only through him and we accept that, we just do not believe in a trinitarian package and they cannot accept that. 

The other side to this in my view is that it is nice that he wants to BRT (build relationships of trust) us to his side but I wish they would just send missionaries like we do and be done with it.   Even our friendshipping efforts are either so light as to be gentle or so heavy handed that people know exactly what is happening.  I personally have made no bones about hiding what I am doing for friends who come over when the missionaries are there, but I do not start up trying to destroy their faith if they have one.

Anyway, this is just like the book talking about the historiocity of the bible that after a few Chapters of a pretty good book I threw it away because the guy some how drew the conclusion that the historical evidence of a biblical era Jews meant that the Bible was true but said that the Book of Mormon was false because their were no evidence of a Nephite people.  Apples to Guava fruit comparison aside, the only reason why there is a Jerusalem is because of faith continuity keeping it that way.  If the Jewish people had been wiped out by the Romans or assimilated by the Greeks there would be no evidence of a biblical people in any but the slimmest ways.

Ok rant mode off for tonight.


One Response to I heart Mormons

  1. Kim Siever says:

    I honestly don’t think the misunderstanding will ever go away. Especially if other Christians depend on the pastors/ministers/priests for information on the Mormons.

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