Priesthood procedure – HELP!


I have a bit of request from those who have young men or know the procedure.  My boy is about to become a deacon Sunday.  This is my first child to reach this age so I cannot remember what we do.  So I thought I would look for bloggernacle help.

1. Where do I find the Priesthood ordinance (online preferably)?

answered by Jared* – Comment 1 (thanks)

2. When is the ordinance done?  In Priesthood or after church?  I know with converts it seems to happen during Priesthood but I thought deacons were different.

3. how big is the circle?  Is it rule of thumb or an official size?

Answered by Justin in Comment 4.  Thanks!

This is something I would bring up with the Bishop but in typical W. family tradition we waited for the last minute and the Bishop is away most of the week.  Thanks for your help and please do respond.


7 Responses to Priesthood procedure – HELP!

  1. Nothing to do with anything, but my parents and I visited my brother’s ward when my oldest nephew was ordained a deacon, in priesthood meeting. You can’t imagine how tickled I was that that 12-year-old gave his aunt a hug, right there in front of all the other 12- and 13-year-olds.

    I hope your son and everybody who is a part of it has as memorable a day as my nephew and i had.

  2. Jon W says:

    Thanks Ardis.

  3. Justin says:

    I believe the handbook indicates that those who participate in ordinances are ordinarily limited to priesthood bearers, close family members, and close associates such as home teachers. The handbook discourages “large numbers” from participating.

    In my experience, the ordination is typically done in the deacons quorum meeting, and family members are typically invited to attend.

  4. Yet Another John says:

    I have four sons. One was ordained at home (with the bishop attending), one was ordained in quorom meeting, and two were ordained in the bishop’s office after church.

  5. Jon W says:

    wow ok that is not terribly clear…

    Alright I guess I am going to have to try and get a hold of the Bishop. Otherwise I will just tell everyone to come to the last half of church.

  6. Jon W says:

    Well I ran into Safeway, seven people in my house with stomach flu so we were needing something…

    Found one of my Bishoprick members going in as well and I asked him. He said they do it in Deacons Quorum.

    So there you go.

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