Archeology and History not always good befellows

May 13, 2008

For centuries the records of history that we had taught us that the Angles and Saxons (along with the Jutes but nobody talks about them) Germanic tribes landed on what was then Brittania hired as mercenary help against the Picts of Scotland for the Romano British.  The British made a fatal error however, fighting a war with enemy surrogates lead to the Saxons and Angles to decide that Roman Britain was a pretty nice place. 

So they started a wholesale slaughter which only one murky name stopped briefly the onslaught but by 600 AD saw the “British” pushed back to Wales and Cornwall and northern England.  While the Angles and Saxons repopulated the island’s rich farm lands creating (eventually) England.

At least that is the story told by early sources such as The Roman British Gildas and the Saxon monk Bede.  It is also recounted in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
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