Sick birthdays – nightmare to follow

It appears that 2008 is the year of the sickie birthday.

I had the first one of the year and I was sick, it was not too bad but just a combination of mid semester sickness.  My 4th and youngest son immediately after got the same thing, opened presents with only immediate family.

March, my second oldest, gets sick, pale as a ghost for his birthday.  Fearing to spread it to anyone else his birthday is spread over a couple of days.

Then the whopper.

My oldest son, turns twelve, we get him a great gift which we know he will go nuts over that we bought two months previous about 3/4 of the normal price.  We are excited, the family in general is excited.  Then whamo, that morning, Son #2 “I feel sick” asthmatic and allergy ridden the spring has never been kind to him and so we, being the cruel parents we are send him to school.

Oldest son (Birthday Boy), “I feel sick.”  He has a Provincial Achievement test (not sure if their is an equivilent in the US) that day so we put it down to him being nervous as he gets anxiety easily about situations similar.  We talk to him, give him encouragement, kick HIM off to school.

Around 10:30 boy #1 calls in still sick, my wife goes to talk to him, asks him to complete the test then call us if he is still ill. 

11:00 boy #2 calls, sick, feels like he is going to throw up.  Hurrah.  My wife goes and gets him and pulls our twins out of grade one, figuring whats the point.  Three school kids home.

11:30 boy #1 again, still ill. I go get him. 

1:00 boy #2 throwing up, #1 downstairs sleeping.

3:30 Oldest Girl, younger twin (fourth child of six) ill, sent to bed, gets out, sent to bed, gets out…

5:30 with Grandma here for the “party” she gets to catch oldest daughter throwing up.  While help #2 Son again.  Wife finishing cake and dinner with her mom (Grandma #2)

6:00 Wife’s sister calls, their car has broken down they have to walk 6 blocks to get to my brother-in-laws brothers place. (they never actually make and end up getting home three hours later)

6:30 Eat cake, open presents.

7:00 send all four little kids, including the baby who had the stomach flu earlier in the week and still recovering to bed.

8:00 I start feeling ill.

10:00 Son #3 throws up.

11:00 to 1:00 AM oldest daughter throws up… four times

1:30 AM – I am face down in the porcelain pleasure dome.

Yeah it was that kinda day yesterday.


2 Responses to Sick birthdays – nightmare to follow

  1. Get well soon, and keep the plastic buckets handy.

  2. Jon W says:

    And the Pepto bismal.

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